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Personalized CHIROPRACTIC With Your Needs At The Heart Of Care

"I've been to a lot of doctors in my life, and I have to say that Dr. Shane has a special touch.

His adjustment is a unique experience that always leaves me feeling energized and focused."

{Silicon Valley CEO}




"Long-term chiropractic care for children can result in a higher level of health and quality of life than other children of the same age."


[Journal of Pediatric, Maternal, & Family Health - Chiropractic]



Whether running a marathon or racing the clock at work, Chiropractic care can support your ability to function at your best in order to get the job done. 

The demands of everyday life are best handled when approached with balance.


Gentle procedures improving balance, coordination, and general health support you with maintaining mobility and independence as you mature.

Aging gracefully is motivation for living a healthy lifestyle.


Family House-Calls

Corporate Groups

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Bring your healing session to you.


Four years of struggling with digestive issues, Fibromyalgia and other doctors; healed after a couple sessions working with Dr. Shane.
Low back pain gone after working with us. Enjoying better sleep, more energy, & happier outlook on Life.
Four years of struggling with digestive issues, Fibromyalgia and other doctors; healed after a couple sessions working with Dr. Shane.
Improved digestion, energy levels and mental/emotional focus after just a few weeks.

Mario Flaherty

-Premier Fitness Trainer-

-Nutrition Coach-


"Dr. Shane has helped fix my hip pains, he is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Without Shane I do not know where I would be today."

Denny Prokopos

-3x Jiu Jitsu World Champion-

-EBI 2 Champion-

-Owner SF Jiu Jitsu-

Denny had an outstanding performance winning 4 matches in one night to clinch the EBI 2 Championship trophy. Dr. Shane assisted during his training camp and provided ringside support during the fights.

Nicholas Bustos

-Elite Spartan Racer-

-Hylete Compete Team-

"I have had problems with my ankles and knees and after his adjustment I feel good as new. He always explains things throughout the adjustment and informs me on what exactly the adjustment is helping and what issues he has found based on his assessment."


Our office provides a safe space to support your personal growth. The first step for you may be getting out of pain, but the road of leads to greater adaptability. With an improved body, grounded head-space, and the support of good people, you are better equipped for turning your hopes into reality. Patients have worked with us regarding:





Sports Injuries

Auto Accidents

Digestive Issues

Neck & Back Pain

Sleep Improvement

Allergies & Sinuses

High Blood Pressure

Anxiety & Depression

Tingling & Numbness

Weak Immune System